BJS Biotechnologies

BJS Biotechnologies was founded by BJS Company in 1996 to develop ultra-high speed thermal cycling and apply it to the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR). It previewed its q-PCR xxpress® thermal cycler at Biotechnica in October 2011.

BJS Company

BJS Company Ltd is BJS Biotechnologies’ parent company. It supplies precision electroforming, electroplating, high quality silversmithing and sophisticated assembly of electroforms for industrial applications. Since the early 1990s, BJS Company has been the world’s leading supplier of the silver heat exchange blocks used in the faster PCR thermal cyclers. The blocks are electro-formed using a process created by the company’s current Managing Director Richard Lewis. Richard is the grandson of Benjamin Lewis who founded BJS Company in 1945.

Our People

Richard Lewis
Richard Lewis Chairman
Richard has been the CEO of the BJS Group of Companies since 1985, and has headed up BJS Biotechnologies since its spinout in 1996.

Richard is an engineer by training, and has a background in materials science for the defence industry. He joined the BJS Group in 1985 and led the industrial development programme for the company, creating the first silver thermocycler blocks in 1991. BJS is today the leading global supplier of this technology to the biotechnology industry.

In his spare time he is an active dad to Callum and Jake, and a school governor, magistrate and local councilor. He is a keen skier and clay pigeon shooter.

Ralph Coney
Ralph ConeyChief Operating Officer
Ralph joined BJS Biotechnologies in 2013 with a wealth of experience in the Biotechnology Marketplace.

Ralph’s 23 years’ experience is in Sales, Marketing and Business Development. Having held senior management positions within a number of Multinationals and SME’s his breadth of sales and marketing knowledge in the scientific marketplace is a valuable addition to the BJS team.

When not promoting the xxpress® technology his time is divided between his interests of property renovation and his love of the countryside.

Ian Gunter
Ian GunterResearch and Development
Ian Joined BJS in 1994 with a background of 17 years in the space and defence industries where he specialised in trouble-shooting and failure analysis.

Qualifications in Metallurgy and Material Science have given Ian a sound scientific basis to work across many sectors designing and developing specialised test equipment which is marketed internationally. Ian also designed and built BJS’s computerised production control systems.

Ian enjoys fishing and shooting, but only in fair weather these days.