It’s that time of the year when you are looking for Christmas gifts for the PCR-using scientist in your life. While of course, the best possible Christmas gift is the fastest and most accurate thermal PCR cycler, xxpress, we thought you might like some DNA-themed stocking filler ideas (in DNA socks of course), with some Christmas decorations, and a geeky Christmas card, too.

Wrapped Christmas present

Start by giving your loved one a DNA kit for Christmas. 23andme‘s genetic health and ancestry kits reveal disease traits and risk factors, as well as information about your lineage. The kit is available in the UK but not the US, and does come with a ‘health warning’. Or join National Geographic‘s Genographic Project with the Geno 2.0 participation and DNA ancestry kit. For the younger genetic scientists, buy a Genetics & DNA Kit, or make your own budget kit with a kiwi fruit and some methylated spirit.

Want to spread DNA around the house?

And finally… enjoy the genealogists Christmas lament.