Biology Week promotes the important and fascinating world of Bioscience, getting people of all ages and knowledge levels participating in fun and interesting life science activities. Biology week is now in its 6th year and has grown in popularity. Events take place all around the world that celebrate biology, increase awareness, and encourage enthusiasm for the subject.


Here’s how you can get involved!


Organise an Event

You can organise lectures, debates, school visits, field trips, hands-on demonstrations, a Big Biology Day or anything that will help people discover more about the wonders of biology. The Royal Society of Biology have put together packs to help you with some ideas to come up with your own Biology Week event. You can find these here:


Attend an Event

The Royal Society of Biology have put together a calendar showcasing all the events planned for this years Biology Week. Take a look here: 


Have Your Say

Participate in polls and discussions being run by numerous Biology based organisations. 



Raise awareness by sharing a picture of your laboratory or interesting material. Make sure to use the hashtag #iamabiologist


BioArtAttack Competition

Fuse biology and art to create biology-themed art attacks: BioArtAttacks! Use collages, models, sculptures or animations to think creatively about biology. Get involved with your lab group, classroom or coursemates and make something special.


Biology Week: 7th-15th October 2017