It won’t be news to you that being a scientist is more a vocation than a job.  I like to think of it as a vocation without vacations.  I’m often thinking about something PhD related when I fall asleep or when I’m on the bus.  But I find it creeps in deeper than that and becomes part of how you think in general.  Like when you absolutely won’t commit to an opinion about that Italian restaurant until you have an n value of at least three or your attempt at making pizza dough has you harking back to your A-Level Biology experiment on the denaturation temperature of yeast.

Every now and again I’ll receive a lovely card in the post from a good friend and science teacher, Dee.  In each card is a cartoon of ‘Karly the Scientist’ and they’re becoming quite popular in my office.  I like them because they take the every day aspects of my life and look at them as science experiment.  Which, of course, they really are.

‘Cat Science’, ‘Bicycle Science’, ‘Halloween Science’ & ‘Dinosaur Science’.

It’s been a busy few weeks both in and out of the lab so I’m very much looking forward to the upcoming Christmas break where I will, no doubt, be applying science to my tree decorating and present wrapping.  And maybe I’ll be so lucky as to get a ‘Christmas Science’ cartoon in the post!

Karly first joined BJS Biotechnologies as an undergraduate placement student in 2007. A bachelor’s and master’s degree later and Karly is back working with BJS but this time as a PhD student in conjunction with her alma mater, Brunel University. Her research looks at the mTOR signalling pathway in endometriosis and ovarian cancer.

In her spare time, Karly is learning to play the guitar and drinks a lot of tea.

You can follow Karly on twitter @KarlyBroadway