These days, few people are seen without a smartphone, whether it’s an Android or an iPhone, and their computing power and storage capabilities are increasing. The numbers of apps for smartphones are increasing, and these are starting to make their way into the labs, for scanning information, capturing images, storing data, cutting the amount of paper, acting as lab notebooks, and even controlling equipment wirelessly.

MIQE PCR smartphone app

One of the apps that could help with PCR is MIQE qPCR, developed by Philippe Choquet President of Institut Polytechnique LaSalle Beauvais. The app is designed to help researchers check their compliance with MIQE (Minimum Information for publication of Quantitative real-time PCR Experiments), or assess published papers and protocols.

The MIQE requirements, created in 2009, ensure that the results are relevant, accurate, correctly interpreted and repeatable, and are very important as there are a lot of points in the PCR process where errors can be introduced, from sample preparation to equipment variability.

The app includes checklists for different project types, and will automatically only show the items that are relevant to specific types of nucleic acid. These can also be tailored to specific experiments as required. Reference lists are updated, ensuring that MIQE literature is up-to-date, and projects can be saved and returned to later, or accessed by colleagues.

MIQE PCR smartphone app

Download the app for free from iTunes or Google Play. If you know of any other useful apps for PCR, please let us know.

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