BJS Biotechnologies are pleased to reveal that our new xxplate™ SBS is now available.


In 1996 the Society for Biomolecular Screening (SBS), now known as the Society for Biomolecular Sciences created a standard definition of a microtiter plate. A series of standards were proposed and in 2003 these were published by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) on behalf of the SBS.

Our new xxplate™ SBS has been designed to this industry standard format making it compatible with all automated liquid handling systems.


This provides several advantages:

  • faster
  • more reliable
  • improved uniformity


To accommodate the xxplates for use with automated liquid handling systems, we have also created a new aluminium adaptor. This holds the xxplates™ inside the system. It also doubles up as a bench-top holder and can be frozen to keep samples chilled during pipetting, see above image.


The xxplate™ SBS will be manufactured in three sizes, 24 well, 54 well and 96 well, all of which are totally compatible with your existing xxpress™ thermal cycler. The xxplate™ SBS follows the industry standard format which is smaller than our current xxplates™. Therefore an adaptor will be required for use in the xxcentrifuge™.

Comparison of the new 24 well xxplate™ SBS (top) and the current 24 well xxplate™ (bottom).


For more information please watch our YouTube video titled “Automatic Liquid Handling Systems“.