BJS Biotechnologies are pleased to announce the launch of the xxpress NGx.



The new xxpress thermal cycler has an upgraded optics system that provides better channel separation and enhanced amplification in all five channels. This improvement has been achieved with the introduction of a new filter set as well as a new deep red LED for channel 5.

The technical specifications for the optics system are detailed in the table below:

The new xxpress NGx provides several advantages:

  • Less cross-talk between the channels.
  • Better colour compensation.
  • Improved deep red detection.
  • Excellent channel resolution for JOE/VIC/HEX and TAM allowing the research use of many widely available multiplex kits.
  • Better amplification curves.

All these characteristics, combined with the world beating ramp rates of up to 10oC/sec, make the new xxpress NGx the ideal thermal cycler to perform your ultra fast qPCR multiplex experiments.