xxpress®, BJS Biotechnologies’ ultra-high speed qPCR system, has been featured in an online seminar PCR Past, Present and Future as a PCR technology of the future by Stephen Bustin, Professor of Allied Health and Medicine at Anglia Ruskin University.

Past Present and Future Webinar Slide

Following his involvement with trials of xxpress, Bustin commented:

“We are heading towards faster (systems) and smaller volumes… with this instrument we’ve been down to 8 second cycles! If you combine this with very small volumes and the use of 96-well plates, we can see how it has very important implications for molecular diagnostics, where speed is of the essence.”

The other contributors to the webinar were Kary B Mullis, the creator of PCR and CSO at Altermune Technologies, and Reginald Beer, Associate Program Leader at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

BJS Biotechnologies is launching xxpress in Germany at Biotechnica 2013.