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xxsealer SA

BJS Biotechnologies are excited to announce the launch of our new, semi-automated heat sealer for use with the xxplate™ SBS.     The use of a heat sealer is required in order to weld a sealing film to the top of an [...]

xxplate™ SBS

BJS Biotechnologies are pleased to reveal that our new xxplate™ SBS is now available.   In 1996 the Society for Biomolecular Screening (SBS), now known as the Society for Biomolecular Sciences created a standard definition of a microtiter plate. A [...]

Successful completion of BJS Biotechnologies projects at UCL

  File 1 - Successful completion of BJS Biotechnologies projects at UCL

Thermal Uniformity with the xxpress® qPCR Thermal Cycler

qPCR is a molecular biology technique that utilises temperature cycles to amplify and quantify DNA. Thermal uniformity is essential when performing qPCR to ensure repeatable, reliable results. Undershoots can prevent reaction steps from reaching completion, whilst overshoots can cause the [...]

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Notes on sepsis

Sepsis (blood poisoning) is a life threatening illness reflecting the body’s release of inflammatory cytokines in response to the presence of bacterial and/or fungal pathogens in the bloodstream. Sepsis is the leading cause of death in US hospitals. Mortality from sepsis [...]

xxpress PCR gets involved in Britain is GREAT

The xxpress PCR team has visited Number 10 Downing Street in London to launch BJS Biotechnologies' work with the UK Trade & Investment's Britain is GREAT campaign. Britain is Great is a UK government drive to showcase the very best [...]

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xxpress takes centre stage in a keynote online seminar

xxpress®, BJS Biotechnologies' ultra-high speed qPCR system, has been featured in an online seminar PCR Past, Present and Future as a PCR technology of the future by Stephen Bustin, Professor of Allied Health and Medicine at Anglia Ruskin University. Following [...]

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BJS launching xxpress in Germany at Biotechnica 2013

BJS Biotechnologies will be launching its xxpress® qPCR thermal cycler in Germany at BIOTECHNICA 2013 (Hannover, 8-10 October 2013). Designed to be quick, accurate and easy to use, xxpress could save you money as well as time in qPCR by [...]

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BJS Biotechnologies presents postgraduate biosciences award

In an informal ceremony last week Richard Lewis, BJS Biotechnologies' chairman, presented Maria Thorpe, MSc, with the BJS Biotechnologies Award for Best Postgraduate student in Biosciences at Brunel University. Maria Thorpe achieved an MSc with Distinction in Molecular Medicine and [...]

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A grand day out: Launching xxpress at the Coronation Festival

It hardly seems possible but a fortnight has gone by already since the successful launch of BJS Biotechnologies' xxpress, the world's fastest and most thermally accurate real-time qPCR thermal cycler, at the glorious Coronation Festival at Buckingham Palace. "Buckingham Palace [...]

The xxcloud is our exciting new software release, enabling users to programme and analyse results remotely, from a PC or laptop.


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