The xxpress® NGx utilises resistive heating technology and forced air cooling to deliver rapid temperature cycles. Combining this technology with a unique, ultra-low thermal mass consumable makes the xxpress® NGx the world’s fastest and most thermally uniform qPCR thermal cycler.



qPCR cycles in

10 mins

Resistive heating technology

Heating and cooling up to 10°Cs-1

xxplates® have a low thermal mass, meaning they are very efficient to heat with little thermal waste

Cost Saving

Save up to



Save up to 90% of your reagent running costs.

The ideal multi-user system (walk up, run, get results, walk away)

Great Return on Investment (ROI) – more runs per day

Faster results delivery


0 well
0 well
0 well

24 well, 54 well and 96 well plates all on the same hardware

Increased speed means qPCR is available to new applications

Thermal Accuracy


temperature reads and modifies per second

0 %

qPCR efficiency with an R2 of 0.995

Low thermal mass results in more accurate temperature control

Sample is only 10µm from heat source, twenty times closer than in conventional systems

Infrared temperature measurement reads and modifies 100 times per second

qPCR efficiency of 105% (10ng/mL to 0.001ng/mL) with an R2 of 0.995


Simple ‘touch screen’ programming

Icon based programming, including pre-set methods

Straightforward method planning designed by scientists

Technical Specification

Channel Excitation (nm) Emission (nm) Common dyes
Channel 1 Green 474 507-527 FAM/SYBR Green
Channel 2 Yellow 535 567-583 JOE/HEX/VIC/TA
Channel 3 Amber 578 617-633 ROX/Texas Red
Channel 4 Red 635 667-679 Cy 5
Channel 5 Deep Red 662 698-724 Cy 5.5