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High-Resolution Melt with the xxpress® qPCR Thermal Cycler

A high-resolution melt (HRM) is a powerful, post-PCR analysis technique, used to identify the DNA products present. This method has a wide variety of uses from determining the specificity of a PCR reaction to detecting mutations and polymorphisms. It is [...]

xxpress RT-qPCR to Analyse the Quality and Quantity of cDNA

A recent article by the Queensland University of Technology investigated candidate genes for facilitating freshwater adaptation in palaemonid prawns. These genes were identified and their expression validated in the model species M. koombooloomba. Abstract Background: The endemic Australian freshwater prawn, Macrobrachium koombooloomba, provides a [...]

The role of PCR in single cell analysis

The polymerase chain reaction (PCR) has a wealth of applications in research, but perhaps one of its most challenging roles in single cell analysis, amplifying the DNA from just a single cell, or a very small sample of cells.   [...]

Using gene expression analysis to find genetic markers

Biomarkers that can predict the severity of disease, or that can act as targets for new forms of treatment, are very important in tailoring treatment for individuals, and improving both diagnostics and therapeutics overall. Gene expression analysis, which involves the [...]

Normalisation of samples in gene expression analysis

Reverse transcription PCR (RT-PCR) has been used to quantify mRNA (messenger RNA) in gene expression analysis for many years. Researchers generally use the technique to compare two or more samples, for example looking at cancers at different stages, or comparing [...]

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Applications in PCR: PCR in gene expression analysis

Nearly all of the cells in an organism carry the same genetic material and so the same collection of genes, but different cells have different roles and so have different profiles of genes active at any one time. Gene expression [...]

The xxcloud is our exciting new software release, enabling users to programme and analyse results remotely, from a PC or laptop.


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